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If the bars on this track seem familiar, it may be because you’ve heard Hau’s flow and lyrical style before. He’s mixed it up as he’s progressed as an artist but there is still something reminiscent of his style from when he was performing alongside Danielsan Ichiban in bouncy Australian hip-hop group Koolism (remember ‘Jam Hot’? You should).
Now, he’s launching his debut solo LP entitled The No End Theory with the launch single ‘Kill.I.Am’, a not-so-cryptic dig at Will’s ascent from a figure in the underground scene of statement-laced rap to some dude with Hollywood cameo status pimping his name to sell wearable tech.

Don’t think this is one of those jaded “you sold out, man!” tracks, though. There’s a lot also going on here from the way Hau bumps his rhyme schemes irregularly over the sample rotations to the style in which the percussion jumps from cluttered and verging on unsynchronised into a very minimal and effective verse backing. The latter elements were constructed by producers Sensible J & Dutch so big ups to them for creating a niche sound that effectively matches Hau’s new direction.

Check out more from Hau on his Soundcloud and listen to ‘Kill.I.Am’ below!

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