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It seems you can’t be the power couple in pop culture without coming under fire for every other thing you do. Beyonce and Jay-Z had their fifth anniversary Cuban vacay slammed by Cuban rights lobbyists as “extremely insensitive” and dismissive to the oppression occurring in Havana.  For those ignorant to the cause (which, up until five minutes ago, included myself) tourism to the communist nation is under a US trade embargo and American tourists aren’t really allowed to enter, outside of “cultural, religious, academic and other types of visits”. And now, it looks like two Republican members of Congress want to know exactly how The Carters were given permission to enter the sanctioned nation.

I mean, I’ve watched Beyonce’s doco, so we’re pretty much besties now, and I’m sure she does actually really care about what’s going on in the mean streets of Havana. Or maybe she just wanted to take a trip with her man to a tropical location…that is off-limits to the rest of us peasants. Rants aside, if you wanna get your voyeur on, check out the vid of the happy couple strolling through a mob on the streets of Havana…if only to see Hov in a fedora.