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Weekly updates

Seriously, does Chris Brown have a publicist? And if he does, do they have a personal vendetta to sabotage him by allowing him to make his own life decisions on the reg because this dude is just one big fail after fail after fail. The latest in this long line of idiocy is his choice of Halloween costume for him and his boys. Taliban terrorists. Cool choice bro. This isn’t even some private party ‘Prince Harry dressed as a Nazi’ type shiz. This was posted to his twitter, along with the line “Ain’t nobody Fucking wit my clique!!!! #ohb’.

How little self awareness does this dude have? And why did not a single person go “Wait…. Maybe it’s not a good idea”. *Face Palm*.

In other celeb Halloween news, CB’s old boo went as Marijuana. Awesome.

 Drake went as Borat. Solid.

And professional show ponies, Kimye, went as Batman and Cat Woman. Meh.

And in friends of ACCLAIM Halloween news… Our fave lady photog Brooklyn’s Ellen Stagg looked adorable as Princess Peach.