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The Gold Diggers who created the pop-friendly cryptocurrency “Coinye” have lost a lawsuit against Kanye West. The coin first launched with the name Coinye West, depicting a cartoon of Kanye’s face, wearing his signature shutter shades. Kanye and his team of lawyers were quick to send out a cease and desist letter to the creators. They responded by renaming the coin simply to Coinye, and changing the design to a man-fish hybrid which references the infamous “gay fish” episode of South Park.

Kanye was still not satisfied, and the majority of the creators lost the case by default by simply not responding to his lawyers, “I’ve never had anyone try to sue me before, let alone an A-list celebrity. We didn’t win but we’ve cost Mr West thousands in legal fees, which is a great feeling.”

The Coinye website was closed, instead with a message in its place: “Coinye is dead. You win, Kanye.”

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