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Weekly updates

Sailor Jerry presents The KO-OP’s 5th Annual Halloween Warehouse party, ‘Hillbilly Halloween 2013′, tomorrow night at a super spooky abandoned warehouse (venue to be announced on the day). Apparently hillbillies are scary and as a result of searching “creepy vintage halloween costumes” into Google, this year’s theme was born. With live acts and DJs on the night including Scotdrakula, Citizen Sex, Pirates Alive, The Bonniwells, Swick, Slymewave of BIG SCARY, Flexx and many more, the evening is sure to tickle your trick or treatin’ fancies. And if you’re someone who’s easily convinced by the promise of food and alcohol, this shin dig is definitely for you, with the likes of Massive Wieners, Sailor Jerry and Budweiser on site to keep your whistle wet throughout the night. 

So in the words of the KO-OP, “bring ya cuz’ns, ya sistas, ya mummas, ya puppas and ya fannies along to this shindig coz theres gonna be more blood than a stuck hog… but make sure ya bring your hot sisters now… nobody wants ta see no lil ladies so ugly, youd rather they trick or treated over the telephone.”

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased here, or at the door unless sold out.