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Flying Lotus has released a new music video, over a year and a half after his 4th studio album, Until the Quiet Comes was releasedFlying Lotus is known for his super visual-heavy performances, with his extravagant audio-visual Layer 3 show wowing audiences around the world.

His new music video for ‘Phantasm’, which comes from his 2012 album Until the Quiet Comes, is no exception. It falls nothing short of beautiful with visuals that I can only describe as your acid-trip dream land. The video follows a black figure who’s mummy-like black bandages are unravelled by a shaggy creature, revealing its body to be made from projections of the ocean and forests and fireworks. The track’s eerie vocals are courtesy of Laura Darlington.

The video was shot over two days in desert New Zealand, with the only three people on location being the two characters and director Markus Hofko, who describes the clip as being “nice and simple. And complicated.”


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