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It’s been three years since Canadian singer Grimes released her debut album Visions, an original and inventive collection of experimental dance pop tunes that set hearts racing throughout the music world and propelled the artist into the mainstream.

After an interim that has felt far too long for fans, Grimes announced she’d finally be dropping a sophomore album some time later this year, most likely in October. But she’s been quick to distance it from her previous release.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the singer dropped a couple to truth bombs about her feelings toward her past work, and the direction she wants the new album to go in.

Grimes hinted that she isn’t a big fan of many of her single releases, saying most of them were ‘lazy songs’ written way too quickly, and that the ones that become popular are never the ones she actually likes.

“All the songs that are singles are all songs people have to force me to do. I know that if I don’t like and everyone else likes it, then it’s probably a single. I always hate the songs that are the singles,” she said.

Saying that she felt her last album played like a series of demo tracks, Grimes wants the new album to have a more put-together and polished feel. Although voicing her dislike of new single REALiTi, Grimes said that she has remade the addictively listenable tune so that it’s up to standard and able to be included in the new album.

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