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HANDFUL: Christoph El’ Truento

From Coltrane to Come and Play in The Milky Night Here Are Five Tracks That Have Influenced The NZ Artist

Christoph El’ Truento certainly has an inspired sound. Experimenting with music in his basement in Auckland, El’ Truento’s music travels through unimaginable galaxies, sunflower-dotted meadows and back to the bass and soul of New Zealand, and I’m not just talking about the albums art work. Having released his instrumental EP01 through Japanese label Wonderful Noise early this year his sound has only developed into a collection of thoughtful, delicate tracks.

Not only does El Truento make his own beats, but he produces for fellow New Zealanders, including Home Brew and Funkommunity and Californian MC Pheo.

Check out this beautiful handful of tracks that have influenced his work by scrolling through the gallery above.

Alice Coltrane – Journey in Satchidananda
“I chose this song as the representation of my love for free flowing and spiritual ‘jazz’ music. I feel like the direction of this song has a really free feel about it, even though it’s held together with this really deep bass groove that never changes too much. The other instruments flow loosely around it and affect each other with the most natural reaction. I feel like there’s a deeper meaning behind the way this song was put together, feels very improvised but not thoughtless, I find it hard to explain. Sometimes words can be inadequate.”

Stereolab – Come and Play in the Milk Night
“This song has a somewhat happy bounce to it, but a melancholic side at the same time. It makes me feel like a child again. I find it hard to create moods like this but this song has inspired me to try. I also started working with a lot more live drums and guitar after getting into Stereolab – you could say this song directly influenced my song Sunflower.”

Arthur Russell – This Is How We Walk On The Moon
“He’s such an inspiring musician. Arthur Russell has encouraged me to search for who I am as a musician and this is one of his songs that has always stood out for me amongst his catalogue. I think because I like songs that aren’t too over produced and maybe even unfinished.”

Ice Cube – You Know How We Do It
“This is one from my childhood, but I never stopped listening to this song. I don’t need to say much about this – it makes me feel good. It has so much soul, I love the bassline, I think that’s what draws me the most, and of course the classic west coast synth line.”

John Lennon – Hold On
“I guess I found an appreciation for John Lennon and the Beatles more recently, I never wanted to listen to them, probably because I wanted to be different from my parents. I sort of grew up, and it turns out I love them. Listening to them from a producer’s point of view is very inspiring, the song writing is amazing, but the production techniques are incredibly creative in themselves and often over looked. I was torn between choosing this song and Here, There and Everywhere by the Beatles.”

Featured below are two warm and weightless tracks that you can get your hands on via vinyl here.


Weekly updates

Weekly updates