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New music from Mustard x Travis Scott, Don Toliver, Chanel Loren, IJALE and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week for June 21, 2024. Here are our favourite new releases from Australia and around the world this week — Follow our playlist here for updates of the best new music every single Friday.

01. Mustard, Travis Scott - Parking Lot

This new Mustard song doesn’t contain the scathing disses or West Coast bounce of the last smash hit he was a part of (we all know the one). What it does have is some vibrant soul samples, thumping 808s, and an overall feel-good energy enhanced by woozy autotuned melodies courtesy of Travis Scott. This one is slated to appear on Mustard’s new album Faith of a Mustard Seed, set to drop July 26th.

02. Church & AP - Be Quiet

This new Church & AP cut is perfect for any kick-back. The synths are airy, and the drum patterns lull you into a head-bop loop. Playful melodies catch your ears on the hook, and smooth raps sway with the hazy atmosphere on the verses. This NZ duo comes in clutch when it comes to consistency.

03. Headie One - Tipsy ft. Aitch

This new Headie One cut contains the essence of Summer. Lush guitar plucks and afrobeat-like drum patterns make this destined for dancefloors. Headie and Aitch’s raps are slick and effortless as if they’re spitting bars between Pina Colada sips at the function. It’s a fun one.

04. Kali Uchis - Never Be Yours

This new Kali Uchis track is 3 minutes of euphoria. Keys flourish in the reverb, making you feel as if you are floating on a cloud. Kali Uchi’s soft vocals are like a beacon of light, guiding you through this world of ecstasy. It’s absolutely hypnotic.

05. MAVI - drunk prayer

‘drunk prayer’ is a powerful song. It finds MAVI searching for solace, both at the bottom of the cup and in the confines of a confession booth. He’s talking through his trials, tribulations, and everything testing his character. He’s pleading with his higher power, hoping to find a break from pain. It’s honest, vulnerable, and a striking showcase of the vehemence that can be found in rap music.

06. Blanco - Ponzi Scheme

Despite the title, there’s nothing fraudulent about this new Blanco track. Flamenco-like guitars and rattling percussion create a sense of urgency in the production. Blanco passionately gets his bars off with a bouncy flow and undeniable swagger. It’s a bop!

07. Chanel Loren - Ebony

Chanel Loren continues to thrive with ‘Ebony’. The jangling guitars and dreaming synths serve as the perfect soundtrack for her soulful vocals, resulting in what might be her best performance yet. It’s slated to appear on Chanel’s upcoming EP Between2Worlds, which drops July 12th.

08. IJALE - This Bubble

IJALE’s 2024 tear continues with ‘This Bubble’. This one is dedicated to the intimacy and the facade-free moments people share when they’re in love. You can hear it in the comfort of IJALE’s voice as he croons his heart out courageously and without a care. The man is in love, and we’re in love with this energy.

09. Don Toliver - BACKSTREETS ft. Teezo Touchdown

Don and Teezo should really just form a duo at this point because they deliver every time. ‘BACKSTREETS’ proves that they are the Starsky and Hutch of soulful trap, as Don woozily serenades through smooth melodies, and Teezo hits some ear-catching notes on adlib duties. It’s an immediate highlight off of Don’s new album HARDSTONE PSYCHO, which you can stream now.


This new song from ALLCAPITAL and Semba is further proof that Adelaide is a hotspot for Australian hip-hop right now. The Garage-adjacent instrumental harnesses the pandemonium of Hindley Street on a Friday night. SEMBA’s rap-sung passages are as laid-back as having a beer at The Exeter on a Sunday afternoon. ALLCAPITAL’S fiery, rampant raps strike like the X the security guard draws on your wrist as you stumble out of Red Square. It’s pulsating, high-octane, and undeniably fire.