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Hodgy Beats calls Tyler, the Creator out for being a ‘fraud’

It wasn't all fun and games at Camp Flog Gnaw

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Camp Flog Gnaw has wrapped up for another year and it looks like the age of Odd Future, as we knew it, has well and truly come to an end. OF member (or so we thought) Hodgy Beats apparently used the intro of OFWGKTA’s set at the festival to throw some serious shade at Tyler the Creator, indicating that there was some disloyalty experienced among the ranks.¬†Continuing his train of thought across social media, Hodgy revealed a little more in the comments of his Instagram, as well as his Twitter account, calling Tyler a fraud, and saying that he felt he (and others within OF) were looked at as ‘disposable’, among other things. This has obviously encouraged an array of reactions among the OF faithful, some of which just want them to “stop the fighting” and others who think Hodge needs to get over it. Take a look at some of Beats’ opinions above.

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