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Over the weekend, Chance the Rapper and Willow Smith¬†headlined the final show in The Fader’s #Uncapped performance series for 2015. And as you could imagine, it was one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments. Both artists are equally as diverse and creative as the other, and fortunately for us, they decided to interview one another before the show. During their brief exchange, the two covered a variety of topics including creativity and the importance of family, with Smith describing having a brother as being ‘an amazing experience’. At one point, Chance even went on to express his desire to be a part of the Smith family, with Willow asserting that if he approached her father and was like, ‘I really just want to be in the fam’, he probably would consider it. It’s crazy to think what would be if Chance, Willow and Jaden would have been family.

To see more of Willow Smith and Chance the Rapper going back and forth, be sure to check out the clip in our gallery above.

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