LISTEN: Mr Carmack & Ta-Ku ‘Miss You Most (At Night)’

Here’s to your new lovers’ jam

Posted By Khairun Hamid |

Just in time for that Australian snuggle season, a super sweet R&B tune has surfaced by way of a Ta-Ku and Mr Carmack collaboration. “Miss You Most (At Night)” is, as the title suggests, the perfect soundtrack for the yearning you get for that special someone in those early hours (you know the feeling). What apparently started off as a ‘joke track,’ two weeks later, the final product has all the makings of your new boo anthem, with Ta-Ku’s Midas touch on yet another smooth beat and the auto-tuned vocals of both artists carrying through the track. And just for extra feels, direct from Carmack’s soundcloud description: “You, I thought about you when I wrote this, pretty girl.” Awwwwwwwwww.

One comment on “LISTEN: Mr Carmack & Ta-Ku ‘Miss You Most (At Night)’

  1. herbal tea on said:

    This is straight up crap autotuned garbage cant believe it garnered a post at all

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