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Vampire Weekend have offered up a remix of their track ‘Step’, bringing in Danny Brown, Heems and Despot for some new verses. Continuing in the spirit of the festive season, the track was released via Twitter at the turn of the New Year.

Many of us take January 1 as a time for some reflection and reassessment of our lives. ‘Step’ favours this approach too. Each rapper takes a turn to share their musings on women they’ve known, set to Vampire Weekend’s signature sounds of twinkling harpsichord and wandering piano.

Danny Brown uses his verse to tell of former romantic escapades. The rapper compares himself to Don Juan before saying he’s happy to have “settled down”. He also charmingly offers “a pair of size nines where the sun don’t shine” to anyone who tries to come for his lady. Heems reminisces, delivering a longing verse dedicated to his college girlfriend, and Despot takes his turn to warn anyone not to go near his girl or he’ll “tie their kicks together”. What a prankster.

The track still features original vocals from Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig, while jingle bells, choir sounds and whistling wind samples fit what the band labelled a “wintertime remix”.

‘Step’ was originally released last May on the band’s Modern Vampires of the City album. Download the ‘Step’ wintertime remix here, or take a listen to it above.

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