Lupe Fiasco Says Goodbye to Music

May or may not have been brought on by that Guy Sebastian single

Posted By Alex Weiland |

Being a skittish bitch is not exclusively a female trait. Case in point: today’s special Skittish Bitch news report is about Mr. Wasalu Muhammad Jaco aka Lupe Fiasco. According to comments posted on the official skittish bitch communication platform of choice, twitter, Lupe is saying goodbye to the music biz and hello to the world of literature. His ‘first love’. Whether this is forreal or he is simply hormonal cannot be confirmed but he states that as of the release of his upcoming album release he’s doneskies….

Literature eh? This shall be interesting. To be fair, I shouldn’t label Lupe a S.B just yet. He may have very legit reasons to be bowing out from the biz or he also could just be having a whine.

Sounds like he’s just had an existential crisis after his recent collaboration with Guy Sebastian. If anything would make you want to say goodbye to something you once were passionate about I’m pretty sure that would do it.

4 comments on “Lupe Fiasco Says Goodbye to Music

  1. Natty on said:

    You absolute wanker. Battle Scars is a great song, which has had great reviews from many music sites, and is selling by the truckload in Australia and NZ. And not doing too bad in America either considering it is getting no radio support at all. Lupe seems pretty proud of it too.

    • DB Cooper on said:

      Hush child. "Battle Scars" is an INSULT to the Lupe Fiasco from the mid 2000s. Complete and utter forgettable, radio-friendly garbage.
      If you measure the quality of a song/album/artist by how many units it sells then you've got your wires twisted.

      Lupe, Lasers was terrible and if you're gonna quit, do it now before people forget "The Cool" and "Food & Liquor".

      As for Guy Sebastian…no comment. Another artificially created musician in this reality TV era.

      • Natty on said:

        Yeh right. Artificially created musician who has been in the industry for nine years now. Plays piana, guitar and drums. Was studying musical technology and working as a singing teacher before entering Idol. Has worked with some amazing musicians including soul legends Steve Cropper and Donald "Duck" Dunn, who not only recorded with him but came to Australia to be his backing band on his 2008 tour. And raved about him whenever given a chance. Duck Dunn even talked about Guy the night before he died to a fan who bought the album they did together for him to sign. Said what an amazing singer he was, and how much he enjoyed working with and touring with him. Why don't you hush dickhead.

  2. vinnytang on said:

    Natty, Guy Sebastian is about as gay as you defending Guy Sebastian in a blog post that mentioned him only once with a paragraph detailing his career.

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