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In this day and age, we tend to favour social channels over traditional news media to get our daily fix of information. And while I’m not condemning this behaviour, it is important to remember that most of the content which appears on our Facebook and Twitter feeds—especially convenient memes—is probably generated/shared by some uneducated dimwit and the truth usually ends up being totally misconstrued to a point beyond reason.

Take this for example. One Facebook user, Micky Williams, had British activists fuming after he generated this obviously tongue-in-cheek meme, which portrayed rap and film star Ice Cube to be an ISIS soldier disguised as refugee. The meme then went viral, being shared over 20,000 times. The first image was taken from a scene in Are We Done Yet, which shows Cube in fishing attire. While the accompanying image of Cube holding an AK-47, was actually used as an NWA publicity photo. However, this was all enough to convince “a good 10 percent” of those who shared the photo that it was indeed real, according to Williams.

Although the image has since been pulled from Facebook, this really goes to show that really can’t trust the internet.

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