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Premiere: Alice Ivy feat. RaRa – ‘Almost Here’

And you can catch this soaring single IRL on Alice Ivy's national tour

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Melbourne musician/producer Alice Ivy has been working pretty hard to craft her sound over the past 18 months and now she’s really starting to make some noise. She unleashed the goodness of her latest single ‘Almost Here’ this week via Triple J and we’re proud to bring you the online premiere of the soaring track. A definite showcase of her love of soul and funk, the single is a collaborative effort with fellow Melbourne-born artists RaRa and Georgia van Etten, and will do nothing less than fill you with positive vibes. The track features rapid verses from the hip-hop collective before building into an uplifting chorus filled with horns and the warmth and power of Georgia’s vocals, giving listeners a little bit of everything in the best way possible.

To celebrate the single release, Alice will be heading on a national tour, kicking off in Sydney on July 1 and making her way along the east coast throughout the month. Check out the full tour details below and make sure to hit play (a few times) on ‘Almost Here’ today.


Alice Ivy
Georgia van Etten

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