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The first episode of Noisey’s five-part A$AP Rocky documentary has dropped, detailing the early aspects of Rakim Mayers’ rise to rap stardom.

“We’re not gonna let these millions get to our head. I’m still the same crazy, ghetto, pretty motherfucker” Rocky announces near the end of the video, foreshadowing the rapid climb to fame the rapper experienced in 2013.

Part One is centred mostly around Rocky’s early youth in Harlem, his first experiences with rapping and his foray into the music festival scene.

“It was my first time ever doing, like, a festival and all I can remember is just seeing, like, a crowd full of motherfucking hipsters, y’know? I was just used to that shit…growing up in Harlem and stuff so I felt comfortable with that.” A$AP says about his set at the 2011 Creators Project in Brooklyn.

The prettiest rapper in the game speaks candidly in an extended private interview intercut with gig footage and interviews with family and friends.

The video is a good jumping off point for anyone trying to suss out the critical and commercial love for the A$AP Mob and it’s helped in no small part by the solid soundtrack choices and competent visuals.

View part one of SVDDXNLY above.

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