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With his latest visuals, the Big Bad Wolf of the internet rap game gives us his own take on Health Goth and ’90s nostalgia by taking his hood eccentricities to the heavily-stylised world of NASCAR. The video is for the aptly titled track: ‘Daytona 500’, taken from his album: 700 Dagreez, which was unleashed through Goth Money Records back in October. I’m assuming the track was inspired by Sega’s popular Daytona USA arcade racing games that changed the world as we knew it back in ’94. I always sucked hard at the game itself, but for whatever reason, I still have so much fondness for the iconic racer which pretty much sums up a ’90s childhood.

Stream 700 Dagreez in full:

In the video, Kray dons a rad ’90s-style merch tee, a fluoro orange cap and a trademark NASCAR billboard/driving jacket. His attire reminds me of the heavily-branded fitness-wear which is synonymous with the Health Goth movement that’s trending pretty heavily right now. In both cases, a new level of relevance is brought to stale franchise clothing items by completely uprooting them from their native capitalist context.

By ironically embracing a brand that epitomises ‘White America’ Kray is also sticking it to all the rappers out there who still blow all their cash on expensive streetwear. You just don’t need gold chains and Gucci to be relevant anymore.

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