Watch: Dazed Digital Speaks with Hit-Boy

Kanye and Jay-Z's go-to producer talks about making timeless beats, creating Niggas in Paris, and his burgeoning rap career

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“The formula for a hater-proof beat, Hit-Boy says, is onepart tight melody – “the melody is the part that matters most” – one-part open collaboration – “you’ve gotta put different ears on it to get the best product” – and one-part meticulous attention to detail.

Watch Kanye and Jay-Z’s go-to young producer Hit-Boy talk about making ‘hater-proof’ beats in this recent interview with Dazed Digital. Working closely with artists such as Kanye West, Hit-Boy is the prodigious producer responsible for tracks such as A$AP’s Goldie, Kanye’s Clique, and the afore mentioned Niggas in Paris.

Read the full profile on Hit-Boy over at Dazed Digital - well worth a look, especially to inspire all of you rising producers out there.

One comment on “Watch: Dazed Digital Speaks with Hit-Boy

  1. "Jay-Z’s Clique"

    That's Kanye's clique. Jay Z isn't even signed to G.O.O.D Music.

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