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Flying Lotus has released a trailer for his upcoming You’re Dead! album. The video features vocals from Snoop Dogg alongside some seriously trippy animations by Japanese artist Shintaro Kago.

The trailer is a simultaneously gruesome and beautiful (and most likely seizure-inducing) affair. Packed with blood, guts and dismembered bodies floating across flashing neon optical illusions. The album artwork, also courtesy of Kago, definitely ties into the album’s title.

In terms of sound, the trailer offers a dissection of tracks from the upcoming album with an array of psychedelic beats, dark, disjointed sounds and jazzy elements. The upcoming album will also feature contributions from Kendrick Lamar, Herbie Hancock, Angel Deradoorian, Thundercat, and Niki Randa.

If this trailer is anything to go by FlyLo’s new album is sure to be heading in the right direction.

You’re Dead! Tracklist

1. ‘Theme’
2. ‘Tesla’ feat. Herbie Hancock, Thundercat
3. ‘Cold Dead’ feat. Thundercat
4. ‘Fkn Dead’
5. ‘Never Catch Me’ feat. Kendrick Lamar
6. ‘Dead Man’s Tetris’ feat. Snoop Dogg, Captain Murphy
7. ‘Turkey Dog Coma’
8. ‘Stirring’
9. ‘Coronus, the Terminator’
10. ‘Siren Song’ feat. Angel Deradoorian
11. ‘Turtles’
12. ‘Ready Err Not’
13. ‘Eyes Above’
14. ‘Moment of Hesitation’ feat. Herbie Hancock
15. ‘Descent Into Madness’ feat. Thundercat
16. ‘The Boys Who Died in Their Sleep’ feat. Captain Murphy
17. ‘Obligatory Cadence’
18. ‘Your Potential/The Beyond’ feat. Niki Randa
19. ‘The Protest’

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