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If his YouTube presence is at all anything to go by, Mac Demarco’s life is taken straight from a 90s frat-comedy. With that in mind, it was only a matter of time that he got himself arrested by the evil campus police who struggled to rip the loveable class clown free from a crowd of his hyped-up supporters. Last night’s Mac Demarco show at the University of California was cut heartbreakingly short for many when the jizz-jazz overlord was detained after crowd surfing and climbing the venues ceiling beams. According to a local paper, the show “was interrupted twice — first after two people were arrested for moshing and resisting police officers and a second time to detain DeMarco, which ended the show”.

For those of you who have been blessed enough to witness the sweaty debauchaery that is Mac’s live show, you’ll no doubt be aware that crowdsurfing, parkour, nudity and kissing is a surefire guarantee. It’s pretty disappointing that a guy who made a name for himself by shoving drumsticks up his butt while singing U2’s ‘Beautiful Day’ got arrested for such a standard rock & roll ritual.

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