Young Fathers give us a look at their US tour photo diary

The Scottish alt-hip-hop trio are documenting their current trip to the land of the free and the home of the brave

"Customs officer: 'All my years in the army and on the force messed up my knees. I don’t run after people now – I just shoot 'em.'"

"Alloysious in Flagstaff."

"First of all, get the wi-fi. Letters home."

"Stage was outside but it didn't stop the audience. Sweat blended with raindrops."

"In Dallas. Kayus, born ready."

"Always waiting. And looking Mafia in Dallas."

"Pesky vampires – Steven (DJ/drummer) stems the blood."

"Alloysious at a big, fabulous flea market in Louisiana."

"Crosses on the highway – thoughts of the Klan."

"Chinese restaurant in Alabama celebrating 10 years of all you can eat."

Imagine playing the industrial clang of Yeezus through a blown-out amplifier on a foggy day on the Scottish moors – throw in some get-under-your-skin hooks and you’re a little closer to wrapping your head around the fiercely idiosyncratic Young Fathers. Catch them here taking us through their snaps from their current tour of the United States.

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