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Altar Furniture are bringing cassettes back in a big way

What more could we ask for than to drink our coffee off a Nirvana mixtape?

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Budapest-based, uber cool furniture design company Altar has released a collection of coffee tables that take the form of some classic cassettes. The “Great Tape” collection is perfect for those nostalgic music lovers that will never forget the golden days of rewinding a tape with a pen in an attempt to find that one song you actually like.

The collection includes a coffee table inspired by an early demo tape from Nirvana, a design by Budapest-based street artists MNU, and even a cassette table inspired by Cypress Hill. Each one is insane in the membrane and a unique centrepiece for any home.

Conversion kits are also available from Altar so that you can use your classic tape as a coffee table, a dining table or a desk. Check out the “religious attention to detail” in the gallery above.



  • Words: Ella McNicol

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