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Posted by Mr Glass

L.A’s HUF is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary by releasing a new photo tee with varying photographers every month of 2012. This month we get a very classic photo, dear to the heart of many skaters, and Hufanagel fans by Sydney born photographer; Mike O’Meally.

I definitely remember this photo, from back when HUF was one of the first pros to join the then brand new, DC Shoe Co. I had a chance to meet Mr. O’Meally back at one of the first annual Make-A-Wish Skate Jams held in Houston, around the time this photo was taken. The experience of meeting and talking to one of my favorite photographers was only amplified by him not being pissed that a 16 year old kid with a point-and-shoot was poaching his shots of Danny Montoya nollie heelfilp nose-sliding a chest high square handrail. He just smiled, told me to get my shot, and then he got back to work. When he noticed me eyeballing the countless rolls of used film at his feet, he tossed me a couple, and said “Enjoy! The mags won’t be able to use anything on it, but there should be something good on there.”

And good there was, a perfect shot of Kenny Anderson crusing the park, and a near miss of Montoya catching and locking in.

Big congrats to everyone involved, we should expect some more amazing work from HUF and their Dirtbag Crew soon.

Weekly updates

Weekly updates