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If you are interested in graffiti or tattooing, you have probably heard of FUZI UVTPK—and if not, you have definitely seen his work. The French graffiti artist, known for pioneering his distinct ‘Ignorant style’ has, after humble beginnings, now built an impressive portfolio of clients that include Scarlett Johansson, Diplo and Os Gemeos. He has also expanded to men’s fashion, creating a line featuring tops, tanks, totes and pins named Ignorant People.

Women’s fashion, however, is a new medium for FUZI, but one he sees as just being a extension of his prior work. His new range, extending on his current line, Ignorant Girls, fills this void. Ignorant Girls continues to use FUZI’s trademark characters such as delinquent poodles, drunk flamingos and slacker sloths. Have a look at some of the lookbook in the photo gallery above and have a look at the artists site/shop here.

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