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Robbie Ettelson - Where Did The Drums Go Thumb

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Where Did The Drums Go?

Robbie of Unkut remembers the good old days when underground rap always had loud-ass drums

One of the mainstays of so-called ‘underground’ rap has always been loud-ass drums – that deep kick and sharp snare …

OO Shooting From The Hip Boyfriend Thumb

Shooting from the Hip: Some reasons why I would quite like a boyfriend

The Obnoxious Owl muses on the very useful individuals that are boyfriends

I just spent the better part of an hour building a piece of Scandinavian furniture. I finally managed to piece …

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OO Shooting From Make Us Queen Thumbnail

Shooting from the Hip: Make Us Queen and You Will be King

The Obnoxious Owl gives us a between-the-lines guide to making a woman happy

More often than not, time spent between male and female relationships (romantic or otherwise) is trying to figure one another …

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OO-Shooting From The Hip - Truth About Threesomes Thumb

Shooting from the Hip: The Truth about Threesomes

The Obnoxious Owl provides a dose of reality to the ‘three in a bed’ concept

“One’s company. Two’s Company. Three’s a Party” – Yeah whatever mate…

The topic of threesomes came up over the weekend.  …