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Drake’s face meets famous album covers

Drizzy is everywhere.

The more things I learn about the internet, the more I learn that if Drake can be reworked into anything, …


Where did all the subcultures go?

And do we even care?

I was born in 1989, which puts me pretty much right in the middle of Generation Y, or the Millenials …


This crazy elaborate fan site tells the Drake story

For all those who ever wondered how he got “here”

No wonder Drake has Trust Issues, he’s been at the forefront of internet bullying for some time now, as seen …


Listen: Drake – ’0 to 100/The Catch Up’

Drake hints at a new album dropping "spring 2015" on his latest track

Heads up: Drake has just hatched a new song on SoundCloud and it hints at a new album dropping early …


Listen: Mr. Carmack’s remixes Drake’s ‘Trophies’

The Hawaiian producer refashions the track into a whole new beast called 'Les Djinns'

Mr. Carmack has been killing it recently. Following on from his recent Australian tour, your favourite Hawaiian has taken …

RU - Did we expect too much from hip-hop?2

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Did we expect too much from hip-hop?

Nobody's ever looked to the NBA to save the world, Robbie Unkut observes

RU - Did we expect too much from hip-hop?

Every couple of months or so, an article appears bemoaning the lack of “conscious” hip-hop, or declaring that “Hip-Hop


Watch: Celebrities make fun of other celebrities in this impressions megamix

No one is surprised that Drake does a good Lil Wayne

So you have a friend who can do a good Arnie impression and maybe your other friend can do a …


Watch: Toronto Symphony Orchestra mashup Drake’s ‘All Me’ & ‘Trophies’

Toronto Raptors may have just found their new unoffical team anthem

Giving the Toronto Raptors professional basketball team morale and street cred since September 2013, official team ambassador and lucky charm …