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Lush sets his sights on security cameras with his latest figurine series

Vandalism has never been so adorable

Lush, the self dubbed #1 asshole of graffiti, often toys around with different ways to either embrace or reject …

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Watch: Smart Crew paint Mass Appeal’s NYC Box Truck #5

"Lets see how we can pull laughter out of someone who hates graffiti"

In Mass Appeal‘s fifth instalment of their NYC Box Truck series they’ve teamed up with Smart Crew. Formed …

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Watch: AUGOR and BUGE Go Apeshit

The pair monkey around above LA

AUGOR the OG and relative newcomer BUGE claim a couple of Planet of the Apes billboards in LA in the …

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Team Player Feature: The Good Fellas

Life on the lines

I’m doubled over, lying low, trying to stay as close to the ground as possible. I’ve picked maybe the worst …

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Watch: Sauce – ‘More Shitty Apartments No Doubt’

The ironlak writer reclaims some space

Ironlak just dropped another few minutes of straight heat. Shot and cut by Carl Allison, the latest video follows Sauce …

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Watch: Atack Tournevis 13

Parisian Subway Damage at its Finest

With all this talk of street art being thrown around in the media of late, it’s refreshing to be reminded …

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blue ln

Opinion: Adrian Doyle’s ‘Empty Nursery Blue’ in Rutledge Lane

I think I just blue myself

Oh, so it’s 2013 and we’re still talking about street art? Cool. The latest revelation to rattle the gilt cage …

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Watch: Lush Vs Mr Red

The first instalment is Lush's new video series

Everyone’s favourite graffiti asshole Lush has just dropped the first part in a new video series – chronicling his misadventures …