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Interview: How To Dress Well

“99% of this ‘alt-R&B’ stuff is absolute garbage. I don’t fuck with any of it to be honest. That Banks shit is the worst shit I’ve ever heard.”

It’s an interesting time, career-wise, for us to be checking in with Chicago-based singer-songwriter How To Dress Well. It’s

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Giveaway: Melbourne – Sugar Mountain, January 24

Get yourself a VIP double pass to one of the trillest art and music summits in the calendar

It doesn’t matter what music you’re into – be it avant-garde, hip-hop, post-punk or something else entirely, Sugar Mountain has …

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Interview: Odesza

Harrison Mills tells us about pop sensibilities, making up origin stories and dealing with weird shit on stage

Harrison Mills is one half of IDM group Odesza. He and Clayton Knight merged their solo projects in their senior …

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Nas to perform Illmatic in full as Sugar Mountain unveils its 2015 lineup

The rapper is joined by Odesza, Oscar Key Sung x Cassius Select, Midnight Juggernauts and more at the boutique Melbourne festival

Every single festival lineup of the season so far has made me simultaneously excited for good music and totally freak …

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Event: Melbourne – SUGARYAMA launch, November 1

Sugar Mountain festival's little sister spreads its wings

Sugar Mountain has a little sister! Her name is SUGARYAMA and she travels the globe and has some really good-looking …

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Watch: ACCLAIM Hangs out with Action Bronson

Bronsolini Kicks it with us for a day

At the start of the year Action Bronson came down to tour Australia for the first time. When I was …


No Country for Old (Rap) Men: A visit to Sugar Mountain

Robbie of Unkut is the president and founder of the Conservative Rap Coalition. Melbourne's Sugar Mountain is a progressive, genre-bending arts festival. They went on a blind date; Robbie reports back.

See, this is why I don’t leave my mother’s basement. I heard that ESG, the South Bronx new wave / …