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No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Food Raps

Robbie of Unkut gets gastronomical and gives us a short history of food related raps. Bon Appetite!

As a fan of categorising every type of rap based on broad generalisations, it seems an appropriate time to explore …

Robbie Ettelson - Where Did The Drums Go Thumb

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Where Did The Drums Go?

Robbie of Unkut remembers the good old days when underground rap always had loud-ass drums

One of the mainstays of so-called ‘underground’ rap has always been loud-ass drums – that deep kick and sharp snare …

Robbie Ettelson - Rap Genius or Rap Dummy - Thumb

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Rap Genius Should Be Renamed Rap Dummy

Robbie of Unkut.com discusses the interesting revelations that came when the Rap Genius site’s private forums went public.

In the early days of Rap Blogs, there were entertaining etherings taking a place on a pretty regular basis, as …


No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Can We Bury The Term ‘Boom Bap’ Yet?

Robbie Ettelson puts on the gloves and punches Boom Bap in the face in his continuing crusade against overused terms in hip-hop. Yes, really...

When music legend Rick Rubin (once dubbed the ‘wizard wolfboy’ by some hack) held a burial ceremony for the word …


No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Old Man Rap Vs. Grown Man Rap

Robbie of Unkut.com schools us on the difference between mature and just plain old

Old Man Rap and Grown Man Rap. There seems to be some confusion regarding the difference between these recently identified …

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No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Nobody Beats The Wiz

Robbie of Unkut.com goes in on Wiz’s new album cover and the power of 'Baduism'

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with the year’s greatest album cover. Wiz Khalifa’s O.N.I.F.C. is 70′s funk album cover …


No Country for Old (Rap) Men: The Real Reasons Behind Snoop’s Name Change

Robbie of Unkut.com gives us the top five reasons as to Snoop Lion's new moniker

When Dr. Dre’s former sidekick, Snoop, announced his ‘spiritual rebirth’ following his return from a pilgrimage to Jamaica, the decision …


No Country for Old (Rap) Men: How Kanye Broke The Heart of Rap’s Greatest Weed Carrier

Robbie of Unkut.com pours a little hydro out for the best to ever do it...

Say what you will about Yeezy’s musical output and personal life, but there is no disputing the fact that Kanye …