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RU - A Better Season Tomorrow?2

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: A Better Season Tomorrow?

Robbie Unkut weighs up the comparative merits of the two recent albums to come out of the Wu camp

RU - A Better Season Tomorrow?

21 years ago, Wu-Tang Weren’t Nuthing Ta Fuck Wit. These days, the W is still revered by some fierce loyalists, …

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rza copy

Origins, intricacies and a better tomorrow with The RZA

"In my lifetime I wouldn’t mind seeing things get better, I wanna live in a day where it can happen. The record is a reflection and hopefully it will inspire."

The mastermind responsible for the mighty Wu-Tang has finally reunited with the original crew to celebrate their 20th anniversary with

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Stream Wu-Tang Clan’s ‘A Better Tomorrow’ [FULL ALBUM]

New Wu is plenty to give thanks for

Wu-Tang Clan’s sixth studio album definitely hasn’t had the smoothest road to release, being delayed by beef within the group …

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rza bill murray
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Watch: Nardwuar vs. Wu-Tang Clan

Is this the best Nardwuar interview yet?

There must be a fear that strikes the heart of any Hip-Hop artist when he/she touches down in Vancouver. The …

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Wu tang clan intern

Wu-Tang Clan are hiring

Cash rules everything around me, unless you're Wu-Tang's new social media manager

But like everything in life that’s too good to be true, it comes with a catch. If you want to …

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Someone has already offered $5 Million for Once Upon A Time In Shaolin

Looks like we're lining up with everyone else

If you’re tattoo money-jar became a Once Upon a Time in Shaolin jar last week, maybe start rethinking that decision. …

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Engraved silver-and-nickel box created by British-Moroccan artist Yahya

Wu-Tang Clan are selling a single copy of their new album, in a silver box, for “millions” of dollars

"This is like somebody having the sceptre of an Egyptian king."

While Kanye preaches his absolute divinity and messiah status, something much bigger (sorry Yeezy) has been gaining momentum.

Wu-Tang‘s …

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