ACCLAIM Issue 28

The EN ROUTE Issue

The En Route issue celebrates the journey of creative and inspiring individuals and collectives. This isn’t a traditional travel issue, it’s an exploration of the personal motivations of people who are always striving forward in their creative journeys. We spotlight people from all around the globe about the paths they’ve taken in order to grow personally and professionally.

This issue of ACCLAIM features three unique covers. The beautiful and talented model Gypsy One graces the general release with her signature style. While the boutique options feature a one-off art offering from DABS MYLA, or a signature image of controversial rapper Action Bronson from our recent shoot with him in NYC.

We have an exclusive interview with emerging hip-hop heavyweight Action Bronson. We spoke with the rapper in his Queen’s home about his transition from sous chef to musician, and his meteoric rise to prominence.

An exploration of both the artistic and personal journey of the Australian couple whose united vision has seen them relocate to Los Angeles. Their pop culture infused work is highly sought after, and a testament to their shared practice.

Tempe Nakiska spoke to Amanda Cummings and Kate Reynolds, the duo behind Melbourne menswear label Pageant. With a pedigree born of working with the likes of Cassette Playa and Christopher Kane they’re one of the most exciting up and coming names in Australian Fashion.

Utah and Ether are a couple who shared a passion for painting graffiti on trains around the world. Eventually their notoriety caught up with them, and they convicted to jail sentences in New York’s Rikers Island. In this exclusive interview we spoke with the couple who have relocated to an unspecified location in South East Asia

Part time photographer, part time model, and part time graffiti writer, Gypsy One is as beautiful as she is talented. We photographed the stunning natural beauty on location in LA in a shoot that pays homage to a life on the road.