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Weekly updates

Last Thursday night Sydney came out in force to help celebrate the release of our current issue Saviour at The Back Room in Potts Point. It was a great night with drinks flowing freely and debaucherous behaviour left, right and centre. We were lucky enough to be graced by friends, fans, contributors and of course the odd ‘it’ girl or two just for good measure. Thinks ended up getting pretty hazy so we’re grateful to both Luke Latty for photos above and the Cobrasnake for also coming through and snapping the action so as to refresh our memories of how much fun we all actually had.

Also a special thanks to TK, Raul and all the team at The Back Room for all their help and hospitality, shouts to Numskull and Beastman for putting work in on the wall outside, we couldn’t of been happier with the outcome, thanks to all those who spun on the night, Well Dressed Vandals, Captain Franco, Grizzy and apologies to Etienne for the double booking… next time homie. Last but not least I’d be remiss not to give some love to both Tiger Beer and Monteith’s Crushed Apple Cider for providing us with drinks that helped kick the night off. See you next issue Sydney!

All photos by Luke Latty, you can view the ACCLAIM Magazine issue 27 party as documented by Cobrasnake here.