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Weekly updates

Interactive net-art at its finest. Windows 93 is like the pop-culture infused, acidic version of the ’90s Windows operating systems that ruled our childhood. Created by Jankenpopp and Zombectro, the site is stylised as a Windows desktop, complete with (mostly) functioning programs and buttons. It even opens with PS1 start-up music. Such nostalgia. It took quite a while to make my way through all of the mostly useless apps that are included on the site, ain’t nobody got time for dat. So here are our 5 faves:

Cat Explorer

Cat explorer is one of the more functional apps included on the site. It’s meant to be like old-school Internet Explorer, and you can actually kind of browse the internet on it. It also comes complete with a bookmarks bar, and conveniently with a “P()rn” drop down menu, which I promptly clicked (of course). Such actual websites in that folder include penisland.net and therapistinabox.com. Very useful. 10/10.


Piskel is like Paint. Need I say more?


Robby is a crappy-but-cool game in which you attempt to rob a bank. You can click on items to interact with them, as you try to find a way to escape from the police. It’s no PAYDAY 2, but it will suffice.

Totally not a virus. Trust me… im a dolphin

Not a virus, just a dolphin. Click for dolphin fun.

Star Wars.avi

A version of Star Wars IV: A New Hope, stylised with text instead of actual video footage. A for effort.

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