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Weekly updates

The ever-elusive street artist Banksy continued his assault in New York over the weekend, as part of his Better Out Than In ‘residency’ in the city, setting up an unsuspecting stall in Central Park. Manned by a random older man, with the nondescript sign “Spray Art”, the booth did not look out of place against any other souvenir-type stall in the park – except that it showcased and sold 100 per cent authentic Banksy design canvases for $60.

Captured on video of course, we can see old mate looking relatively bored for most of the day until his first customer comes along at 3.30pm. In the end, the booth only attracted three customers, who spent a total of $420 on a number of pieces, which is pretty awesome bargain, seeing as some of Banksy’s works have gone for more than $1million.

I guess you can take what you will out of this episode, whether people are legitimately ignorant or disinterested and what comment this might make about the artist himself. Though I gotta give props to the lady who haggled her way to a 50 per cent discount, because lord knows that is something I am terrible at and I would definitely have bought that sucker for full price.

And if you thought you might be able to score yourself an artistic investment for relative chump change, think again, the stall was a one-off and Banksy confirmed it will not be continuing. For more of Better Out Than In, check out banksy.co.uk.