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A collaboration between artists James Harvey and Ryan Humphrey, Bartkira is the surprisingly natural combination of cult classic anime Akira and seemingly never-ending series The Simpsons. Described as “a community art project in which hundreds of artists from all over the world are collaborating to recreate all six volumes of Akira, replacing all the characters with the cast of the Simpsons”, the project has initially only been available in print form at bartkira.com.

Taking it a step further however, an animated trailer to go along with the three volumes of comics that have been Simpson-ised so far has been released. Similar to the print version, Bartkira: The Animated Trailer involved 50 volunteer artists, helmed by Kaitlin Sullivan, collaborating to blur the lines between Springfield and Neo-Tokyo. The creators also put together a cool narrative to explain the piece, spinning a story about the clip being found on a VHS tape for the “Do The Bartman” music video, and being a trailer created by Fox and Japanese production company Toho to engage American audiences without spending a lot of money. Either way, the concept is super dope, and you can check it out the video for yourself in the gallery above.


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