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It must be tough being part of the royal family. I mean aside from the fact that you rule the Commonwealth and your family owns every White Swan in the world (which is totally insane/awesome), popularity for the monarchy isn’t exactly at peak levels among the younger contingent of the realm. So it makes sense to branch out and engage with them directly. There’s a few ways you can go about doing that – and probably the absolute worst one would be to flippantly engage with subcultural elements that physically couldn’t be further removed from your day to day reality, but hey, I’m not on the royal family PR team.

Anyway, as part of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s #RoyalVisitAus tour (see, they’re down with twitter) they stopped off in Adelaide – where among royal duties like having a plaza named after them, Prince William tried his hand at DJing and graffiti. THIS IS A REAL THING THAT REALLY HAPPENED. I never thought that something would come along and replace Bieber in terms of appropriating graffiti culture – but the image of Prince William meekly clutching a tin of ironlak while holding a useless dust mask just might do it. (Side note but Royal Fam: if you’re reading this invest in an actual respirator – we know you’ve got the coin, you’re face is on the fucking coins.)

I’m not one for conspiracy theories generally – and while I don’t see any compelling evidence that William is a shape shifting reptilian, if footage of him breaking and / or spitting on a mic surface I’m happy to concede that he’s 100% trill.

God save us all.