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Weekly updates

Perfectly timed to launch straight up after his insightful talk at the Commerce of Creativity forum at CARBON Festival, Chaz Bojorquez’ LA Handstyle Exhibition opened at the NGV Studio Space at Federation Square to a very healthy crowd.

Older works on paper, as well as recent works and painted decks featured in the show featuring Chaz’ classic and iconic calligraphy styles in monochromatic colours. The work was really striking against the raw wood interior and attendees were stoked to be able to get a chance to speak to the man himself over a beer or two, who was more than happy to chat and elaborate further on points made in his talk.

The works are all for sale also, so please hit us up for a price list if you saw anything you liked. The show will be running until Sunday 6th of May. This is the first time his work has been shown in Australia so don’t miss this opportunity.

Photos by Oli Sansom