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I don’t know whether it’s our miserable Aussie dollar but there’s definitely been a push (in the last few days) to try and recoup some sort of pride in it. While we might not be able to up its value against some of the other major world currencies, some of our more contemporaries have proposed more creative solutions. The campaign to rename the currency ‘Dollarydoos’ gained some major attention over the weekend and now a Melbourne designer has taken on the task of redesigning the physical banknotes to feature more #relevant Aussie icons.

For his ‘Straya Cash’ project, Aaron Tyler has highlighted some of the most recognisable images from recent Australian pop culture and everyday life and stuck them on our current roster of banknotes. Dame Edna, Karl Stefanovic, Steve Irwin, and Phar Lap (in his taxidermied state), all feature among many, many others.

On his blog, Tyler writes “If someone’s face is stamped on that money, it’s a pretty big deal, right? So why don’t we know who’s on ours? Those faces were relevant once, but they don’t strike a chord with modern Australia. The time is right for a facelift. The time is right for STRAYA CASH.”

I dare say a history lesson might clue us in on who currently resides on our bills but I have to admit, these iterations are pretty awesome. Take a look at some of the redesigns above and see more of Tyler’s work here.

Images via Aaron Tyler

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