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Jonathan Guthmann, the guy behind the infamous Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun movement is back with his debut exhibition “The Existential Vacuum.” While he is obviously most well known for his intricate and downright impressive dick drawings all over The Herald Sun, Guthmann has done more than just perfect the art of pen15 sketches in his lifetime. Besides being an artist and illustrator, Guthmann has an academic background, with qualifications in theology, mythology and the associated ancient languages.

In his upcoming exhibition, Guthmann will refer back to these studies to showcase a series of work drawing on religious iconography with a heavy focus on ancient civilisations. Guthmann aims to explore the commonality between the ancient and modern man within a philosophical context – pretty sobering stuff hey? Well, there will also be dicks.

Using pigment ink, pencil, pen and aerosol and more, Guthmann has created a collection of original works that combine his extensive academic knowledge with his distinctive… phallic-orientated style.

The exhibition will be running from January 17th 2014 at Backwoods Gallery, Collingwood.


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