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Weekly updates

If you’re in the Berlin area over the next couple of months, we strongly recommend you drop by Gestalten Space to catch some insightful and innovative artworks courtesy of Ukraine-born, Denmark-based artist Sergei Sviatchenko. His upcoming exhibition, FOR LIGHT AND MEMORY, will showcase the paintings and modern collage that he is revered for, exploring “reflection about popular culture and our modern vision of life.”

“The featured paintings in FOR LIGHT AND MEMORY leave viewers in a state of satisfied confusion about real places or those known from memories. Although the artist’s intent and message might not be immediately clear or understandable, these images still deeply resonate with their viewers—like dreams.”

The exhibition opens on January 24, with Sviatchenko in attendance, and runs until March 3. In the meantime, check out some of the artist’s pieces in the gallery above, from his book of collective works, Everything Goes Right & Left If You Want It.

Hit Facebook or Gestalten for more event details.

Painting and collage by Sergei Sviatchenko

Opening night, January 24 2013
Gestalten Space
Sophienstraße 21
10178 Berlin