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UPDATE: We’re holding a special giveaway on the ACCLAIM Facebook page, throwing up the chance for one lucky film buff to win a double pass for the entire season of Samurai Cinema: The Way Of The Warrior at ACMI. Follow the jump to enter.

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is delighted to present Samurai Cinema: Way Of The Warrior as a special feature of this year’s Autumn program.

Running from Friday 16 May – Friday 6 June, Samurai Cinema looks at the influence of samurai films on global contemporary cinema. To this day, the genre’s distinctly unique style and breathtaking big screen action remain eternally enthralling, with the samurai film’s masters and forefathers paving important paths for the progression of the film medium as a whole – without it, no-one would know what a Tarantino or Eastwood film looks like.

The sessions will unfold in three chapters – The Code of the SamuraiVengeance and The Rise of the Ronin – and features classic films spanning across more than five decades from the likes of Akira Kurosawa (7 Samurai), George Stevens (Shane), John Woo (Hard Boiled), Henri-Georges Clouzot (The Wages of Fear), Jim Jarmusch (Ghost Dog), and many more from Japan and beyond. From beautiful storytelling and heritage narratives to epic tales of revenge with blood baths redder than any of volume of Kill Bill, ACMI’s Samurai Cinema has it all.

For bookings, head to ACMI’s website.