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Weekly updates

Pop up show ‘Sole Delay’ opened last week in Boston at the Liquid Art House. Put together by artists Augustine Kofie, Todd Mazer and Jaybo Monk in celebration of their involvement with the Musuem of Fine Arts at their Summer Gala. ‘Sole Delay’ was curated upon the premise of being the transformation of the dust, rhythm and experiences of our daily lives onto canvas – those being large-scale and very well executed. Each artist interpreting and creating work in their own way.

Attendees included actress Traci Bingham, Former NBA hipster and DJ Paul Grant, Nelly Carreno and other artist friends including Kenji Nakayama, Dana Wolfe, Adrienne Schlow, Josh Falk and more.

Check out the exclusive snaps from the opening and if you like what you see, get to the exhibit yourself, you’ve got until June 30.

Liquid Art House
100 Arlington St
Boston, MA 02116