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Weekly updates

And so it’s already Pow Wow day 2… well day two for me at least. With everyone busting their balls and burning their first dermis layer off via the Hawaiian sun, I decided to lay low and scope the progress on a few walls, including homie Aaron De La Cruz’, who has covered the local library with Jeff Hamada. Impressive stuff.

Outside the library I also saw this bookmobile which dozens of stray cats had decided to use as shelter.

Let’s take a closer look…

And yet an even closer look…

YES! I was hoping I’d see something LOST related on this trip. But cmon Hawai’i public libraries, surely y’all got some slightly more aspirational celebs here to use..

But I digress….

While sun wasn’t the greatest for the artist, it did kick ass when it came to hitting the beach so I did just this. Magheritas were whispering my name over the coconut scented breeze, so I said adios to the art thang and hit the beach with Aaron’s wifey Leslie and a bunch of her friends. Hey, so I wasn’t exactly working but c’mon it’s all about COMMUNITY ain’t it. Wives and girlfriends are part of that community too and I was craving some company that didn’t come with a ball sack. Plus I am stressing about my lack of a plane ticket home so when the going gets tough, the tough get drinking and smoking. UB40 and watching the sun set at Waikiki was just what the doctor ordered.

Big event kicks off tonight so it’s time to get my game face on. Adios!