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In his latest exhibition, Melbourne street artist, Twoone explores the common cultural reference points taken from cult Japanese film, Seven Samurai. As one of the most influential films of all time, impacting majorly on figures such as George Lucas, Twoone aims to pay personal homage to the work, like many others have before him.

TwoOne aims to bring both western and eastern philosophy together in his character portrayals, which are based on his own psychoanalysis of each of the samurai while at the same time drawing visual reference from the physical energy of Bushido and judo.“Within us all there is a battle,” TwoOne says. “The form of fighting and the ferocity is what defines us.”


Backwoods Gallery
25 Easey Street, Collingwood, Victoria (curated by Alex Mitchell)
Friday 14 – Sunday 30 September, 2012