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Weekly updates

Since forming in 2006, the AWOL crew have pushed themselves and their work, both individually and collectively, to a unique level of artistic elevation. Permeating the boundaries between fine and underground art forms, Adnate, Deams, Itch, Li-Hill, Lucy Lucy and Slicer have, over recent years, consistently produced a variety of evolutionary and inspirational work. In doing so, they have garnered a widespread audience of admirers.

As a collective, the AWOL Crew are widely recognized for their ability to work as a single entity, their styles complimenting and invigorating each others work. Separately, each of their individual characteristics are defined by obsessions and styles, however a distinct, dynamic, fabric exists which allows their work to weave together into a seamless, creative force.

This flowing theme of “Fabric” is explored, not only via their collaborative methods, but also with their relationship with a constantly deteriorating urban landscape. The graffiti infused, aesthetic values contained within the works in Fabric convey a unique sense of exploration, resulting in a collection that is physically distant from the origins of the artists work on the streets, yet still remaining true to their original approach.

Fabric reaches far beyond the bounds of its individual members work, and presents, for all intents and purposes, the debut “solo show” from the AWOL Crew. Together again in their entirety for the first time since the creation of the NGV Studio mural in 2011, Fabric will see the AWOL crew embark on a new journey of collaborative exposition.


Friday October 26
7:00pm – 10:00pm
Secret location in Melbourne.
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Saturday October 27 and Sunday October 28 (10am – 6pm)

Exhibition location will be publicly released at 9:00am Saturday October 27 on the following websites: