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Weekly updates

If you are in Tokyo, blow your mind visually and treat your eye balls to legendary Japanese animator/director Katsuhiro Otomo’s show – GENGA at 3331Arts, Chiyoda. Otomo is best know in the western world as the creator of the cult film – Akira, other works include Dōmu, the Robot Carnival anthology and Steamboy. Genga is a Japanese terminology for ‘key animation’ drawings or ‘original pictures’. The show exhibits nearly four decades of Otomo’s work displaying thousands of original manga gengas and also included in these are thousands of Akira gengas during the eight year production of the film.

The show runs until 30 May which will also raise funds with donation from visitors for Otomo’s home town, Miyagi Prefecture which was effect by the earth quake last year.

Image from exhibition book: GENGA: Katsuhiro Otomo, Original Pictures.