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Kigen (きげん/起源) means “origin” in Japanese. Over the last few years, Ryuichi Ogino has been working on a concept known as the “Out of Context Mash-Up”. Inspired by music mash-ups, the themes were focused on the juxtaposition of various disciplines, styles, and mediums to form something innately new. In his first solo show at Loft in Space, Ogi chose to explore the concepts of one’s own roots and birth. Motifs include child-like figures, expressions of color through line and paint, and representations of a birthing vagina. It all ties into a unique view of life through the eyes of an artist that has been influenced equally by Japanese and American culture. The exhibition will run till May 16th.

Ryuichi Ogino
Loft In Space, Honolulu
Until May 16th