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Weekly updates

For those of you in Byron Bay, firstly fuck you (Melbourne seriously bites right now), secondly get your tanned, relaxed ass down to Art Park Gallery tonight to check out the one night exhibition of Egyboy’s (Lithuanian 1982) amazing marker drawings and Basta book. The artist will be present at the show and it all kicks off at 6pm. What’s Egyboy, you ask?

EGYBOY is a pencil boy pushing free hand dirty drawings with ironic slogans and “rough texture”. His black marker pictures represent street-minded characters, pop culture, and classic icons reborn with new message. Egyboy pictures started from masked face personages, drawings, in closed eyes, drunken hand trashes, sketches directly on photo, magazine cover’s remakes and whateversim style. Medium: modern illustration. He propagates knowingly primitive style and now he is willing to spread out the “Art Cowboyism”.

Well there you go. Go check it out, ya hear.

Art Park Gallery
5/11 Banksia Drive,
Byron Bay, NSW 2481, Australia