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Felipe Pantone creates epic 3D mural in Las Vegas

It's one way to stand out in the city of lights

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Argentinian artist Felipe Pantone is well known for his contemporary illustrations, graffiti and design. His signature style originated from the streets with spray cans, but he has managed to stay progressive within the art form over the years, which is just one of the things that makes his work so incredible. Another is his influence by kinetic art which is very prominent in his recent project as it depends on movement for its effect.

Pantone recently took to Las Vegas to create a mural for upcoming festival, Life is Beautiful. The originally white building is transformed through his use of geometric shapes, glitch imagery and 3D shapes. The monochromatic base contrasts against the bright colours in the foreground causing the abstract shapes to pop out of the building.

The festival is held over three days at the end of the month where you can catch a handful of other contemporary artists such as D*Face and SANER. But if you don’t think you can get to Las Vegas this month, check out the pictures in the gallery above to save you from complete FOMO.

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